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Air engineering
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This is our KAESER Advisor: the right address for those who are interested in “Compressed Air” in general and are looking for more information. The “Compressed Air” page is full of topical information, suggestions, and professional tips.
The best way to read it is in pdf format either on-screen or as a printout.

The Compressed Air Advisor is also available in booklet form. If you would like the booklet, please fill out the order form.


  • What is compressed air? 
  • Efficient compressed air treatment
  • Why do we need to dry compressed air? 
  • Condensate: Correct drainage
  • Condensate: Safe, economical treatment
  • Efficient compressor control
  • Pressure band control
    Optimised compressor performance to meet actual demand
  • Energy savings with heat recovery
  • Avoiding energy losses 
    Designing and installing a compressed air main  
    Optimising an existing air main
  • Correctly designing air systems
    Air Demand Analysis (ADA) 
    Determining the most efficient design 
    Air Demand Analysis (ADA) – Determining the actual situation
    Efficient compressor cooling – Air cooling
  • Correctly operating compressed air systems
    Ensuring long-term reliability and cost-optimisation

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