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On this page, you'll find specialist articles reprinted from technical publications on selected aspects of compressed air. The essential contents are summarized in short abstracts and if you wish, you can call up the complete article (and print it). Simply click on the corresponding short title with the ACROBAT symbol, and the article will appear in original layout on your screen.


Innovative products and holistic solutions enhance efficiency
More compressed air, less energy consumption

In view of soaring energy prices and ambitious climate protection targets, modern industry is under unprecedented pressure to make production processes as efficient as possible. In addition to this, companies also have to maintain and increase their competitive edge, as well as strive to ensure sustained economic success. This latter objective can only be achieved, however, through significant energy savings and through drastic reductions in CO2 emissions. It is here that compressed air, one of the main sources of energy for modern production, can help make a significant contribution. Thankfully, today’s technology provides compressed air users with myriad ways to reduce energy consumption and to minimise CO2 output. Innovative products, in addition to forward-thinking solutions, also play a key role.

Author: Erwin Ruppelt, Michael Bahr
Source: Pumps, Compressors and process Components 2011 (p. 100 ff.)

pdf_icoInnovative products and holistic solutions enhance efficiency

Compressed air at the right price
Congress presents concrete measures for enormous energy saving potential

By implementing systematic optimisation measures, such as those highlighted at the Kaeser Energy Saving Congress which took place at the end of October in Coburg, Germany, compressed air system operators in Europe could collectively reduce energy consumption by at least 25 billion kWh per year. Moreover, a further 32 billion kWh could be saved if only half of all users equipped their compressor installations with some form of heat recovery. This article provides an overview of the various options available to enhance compressed air efficiency.

Author: Michael Bahr

Compressed air at the right price

Efficient compressed air drying

Contradictory as it may seem, although compressed air supplies can often be significant consumers of energy, they can also provide considerable potential for energy savings. This can be perfectly demonstrated by taking a closer look at compressed air drying for example: Advanced refrigeration dryers and intelligent combination refrigeration / desiccant drying technology can help achieve substantial savings.

Author: Erwin Ruppelt and Michael Bahr
Source: MM Das IndustrieMagazin (14/2009), page 56ff.

Efficient compressed air drying

The investment-free compressed air package
Fixed costs made flexible with compressed air contracting

Rather than purchasing the compressor, why not just buy the compressed air instead?
Well, you can with “Sigma Air Utility” from Kaeser Kompressoren.

Author: Klaus Dieter Bätz
Source: KAESER report 2/09, Page 20

pdf_icoFixed costs made flexible with compressed air contracting

Air supply with IT efficiency

Today's industrial firms have a lvel of automation that would hardly be possible without the use of compresses air. This energy source has the advantage of excellent fexibility, but it is not cheap to produce; which is where systematic cost management comes into play.

Author: Erwin Ruppelt, Michael Bahr
Source: Hydrocarbon engineering 5/2005

pdf_icoAir supply with IT efficiency

Reliable and efficient concept
Tailor-made air supplies for PET bottle production

It's immediately obvious from a glance in the beverages section of any supermarket – the containers and bottles of polyethylene terephthalate, better known as PET, are competing strongly with conventional glass containers and bottles. And there's a good reason; PET offers both the beverage industry and the consumer immense advantages. Compressed air plays a central role in the production of modern packaging mediums. In this particular field of operations, tailor-made system solutions can increase efficiency significantly.

Author: Michael Bahr
Source: Getränkeindustrie (6/2003)

pdf_icoReliable and efficient concept

Is variable speed drive the panacea we're looking for?

What does a compressed air system have in common with a symphony orchestra? Best performance is not achieved by outstanding soloists, but by optimum interplay. Experienced compressor manufacturers can now offer system solutions to industry that meet this requirement in every respect. As well as correct system design and sizing, both the master controller and the internal controller play a very important role.

Author: Erwin Ruppelt, Michael Bahr
Source: Drucklufttechnik (1-2/2003), Page 24

pdf_icoIs variable speed drive the panacea we're looking for?

Zurich to Thalwil, An Example of Modern Tunneling Technique

Swiss Railways have laid a parallel dual railway line between Zurich and Thalwil to relieve the heavy traffic load on the lakeside section of this route. The new line, opened for passenger and goods trains in 2003, passes through a tunnel for 9.4 of it's total 10.7 km length under the Allmend Brunau region. The geological structure through which the tunnel was driven presents a stiff challenge in which compressed air played a major role.

Author: Michael Bahr
Source: SchweizerBauJournal 5/2000

pdf_icoTunneling Technique (PDF)

Piesau Glassworks Opts for Efficient Air Technology. Traditional glassworks successful on the open market

Entry into the open market proved to be a successful venture for the German Piesau Glassworks in Thuringia, turning them into a competitive international presence. Whereas the smelting furnaces run on electricity and gas, compressed air is the main energy medium for the processing machines in which glass vessels are blown. The article describes the efficiency of the compressed air and vacuum stations, which are under the control and supervision of a KAESER VESIS master controller. With regard to overall economy, this equipment offers a decisive advantage in that the optimized performance and utilization of the compressors as well as improved ventilation will bring the user a shorter payback time.

Author: Michael Bahr, Erwin Ruppelt
Source: Glas-Ingenieur 5 (1999), page 52 ff.

pdf_icoGlassworks Piesau (PDF)

Next Summer Will Surely Come! How to avoid overheating problems in compressed air installations.

Soaring summer temperatures bring sweat to the brows of many production managers whose plant relies on compressed air being delivered by equipment not adequately designed and installed for realistic year-round conditions. The article deals with the cooling aspect of compressor and dryer design and installation. The compressor room itself as well as the compressors in it must be properly ventilated with provision for inlet and exhaust air. Heat of compression has to be taken away and should ideally put to some useful purpose via a heat recovery system. The air dryer downstream of the compressor has to be designed to cope with high ambient and high air inlet temperatures. All these criteria should be taken into account for optimum configuration of an air system that can be relied on.

Author: Erwin Ruppelt
Source: Schweizer Maschinenmarkt 20 (1993), page 106 ff.

pdf_icoNext Summer Will Come for sure (PDF)
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